General Conditions of Entry for ALL Events:

  • Late Entries may be accepted subject to payment of the Late Entry Fee of $25 per couple in addition to the quoted Entry/Admission Fees. No entries will be accepted on the day

  • Competitors entries will only be accepted when accompanied with the full remittance as stated on the entry form

  • No competition will be held up for late comers

  • The Skating System of judging may be used for all events

  • All events (other than Troupe, Team & Show Dance events) may have multiple couples on the competition floor at any one time

  • All rounds will be during the day session. Major Finals will be held in the Evening

  • Dancers must be prepared to compete on a dance floor 24 metres long x 14 metres wide

  • Ladies must wear Heel Protectors

Open Junior, Adult & Masters Formation Team & Show Dance Conditions of Entry:

  • The Team events are open to any group and/or dance style

  • Teams to consist of at least 6 people (an equal ratio of males and females is not necessary)

  • For Teams & Show Dance, any number of lifts, dips and drops are permitted

  • Junior Teams must only consist of dancers aged under 16 years, Adult Teams must only consist of dancers 16 years and over and Masters Teams must only consist of dancers 35 years and over.

  • No Dance Teacher and/or Professional Dancer may perform in a Formation Team Event

  • Show Dance is open to couples, trios, quartets or quintets. These may include Amateur Dancers and/or Dance Teachers and/or Professional Dancers

  • For Team & Show Dance Events, music must not exceed 3 ½ minutes in length

Dancesport & Pro/Am (incl Am/Am) Conditions of Entry:

  • In Open Events lesser number of dances may be danced in the rounds through to the semi final

  • Optional Dress code for Level 1 & 2 Events

  • Masters couples may also dance down in age groups.

  • Pro/Am Masters1 – Amateur is 35+, Masters2 – Amateur is 50+, Masters3 – Amateur is 60+, Masters4 -Amateur is 70+

  • In Pro/Am only the Amateurs age is taken into account.

  • All Dancesport & Pro/Am events are conducted under the rules and regulations of New Zealand Ballroom Dance Council Please visit

  • There is no restricted syllabus of steps for Pro/Am events

  • Pro/Am Juveniles may wear open competition style outfits

  • Pro/Am competitors may dance in multiple Levels.

  • Each Single dance is considered one event. A Multi Dance Event is considered one event

  • Pro/Am Professionals can only dance with one Amateur in each Age Division and Level

  • Where practicable any 2 or more events may be combined on the dance floor. i.e. 2 separate Events danced at the same time


    Participants hereby forever release and discharge the officers, directors, any person, employee affiliates, volunteer or business entity affiliated with the Kiwi Classic Dance Championship from liability for the following: Loss or theft of articles left anywhere on the premise, injuries sustained by any participants or any person attending this event. Participant acknowledges that he/she attends this event at own risk. Participant shall defend, indemnify, and hold event Organisers harmless from and against any and all claims and/or demands relating to this event.